Our commitment

Delubac Asset Management has become a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment supported by the United Nations.

Our commitment: to invest responsibly by integrating environmental, social and governance considerations into our investment decisions and active ownership.

Our methodology

ESG criteria are key to assessing a company's sustainability strategy based on its environmental, social and governance impacts.

As part of our investment policy, in addition to traditional financial analysis, expert external service provider EthiFinance rates our investments on their non-financial performance. 

Portfolio rating methodology
The overall portfolio rating is a weighted average based on the amounts invested in the issuers concerned.
It is expressed as a letter. The following rating scale has been defined: 

Fund / Portfolio
A = Rating 55-100: Very good
B = Rating 50-55: Good
C = Rating 45-50: Average
D = Rating 40-45: Below average
E = Rating 39 or below: Poor 

Issuer ratings
The ESG report produced for the portfolio analysis is based on data from the independent rating agency Inrate. This agency rates both private issuers (corporates and organisations) and sovereign issuers. 
ESG Impact Rating ESG Country Ratings

ESG analysis of our funds

Delubac Pricing Power

Weighted average ESG score: 15,7

Coverage rate: 99 %

Valeur Note ESG Poids
Linde 8,2 4,8%
Moncler 10,1 4,9%

Hermès int.



Kering 10,7 4,5%
LVMH 10,9 4,9%
Poids des 5 meilleurs notes ESG : 26,9%
Delubac Obligations

Weighted average ESG score: 16,1

Coverage rate: 93%

Valeur Note ESG Poids
Unibail 4,6 2,2%
Schaeffler 8,8 1,2%




Mercialys 9,1 1,1%
Hammerson 9,8 1,0%
Poids des 5 meilleurs notes ESG : 6,6%


In addition to traditional financial analysis, the investment policy for our two directly managed funds includes having an expert external service provider rate their non-financial performance. The service provider rates all investments in these portfolios according to three criteria (environment, social and governance) and issues an “overall ESG quality rating” for the investments made, which is published in the monthly fund reports available on our website and the ESG non-financial rating reports, available on request.
Ratings as at 31/12/2020. Coverage rate (% of invested assets): Delubac Pricing Power: 81.7%; Delubac Obligations: 75.09%